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What is Content Marketing and Why Should Attorneys and Law Firms Employ This Strategy?

Content marketing broadcasts your message to wider targetsContent marketing encompasses many different written formats that provide an opportunity for attorneys and law firms to put information in front of prospective clients, other attorneys or more comprehensive audiences. Web content must be written from scratch, relevant to the target audience, and consistently released over time. Rain Marketing + Consulting provides content marketing services for lawyers including:

How Does Content Marketing Make a Law Practice Money?

Content Marketing is focused on two objectives: Improving the organic performance of your online strategy, and increasing the conversion rate of those who are referred to the firm or come into contact from strategic online activities.  A consistent and effectively conceived and executed content marketing strategy will increase the visibility and dominance of your website within a broad range of organic searches.  The addition of well optimized keyword rich content will enhance search engine performance for the individual piece of content deployed, as well as the site overall.  This can easily be measured by reviewing overall visit patterns, as well as unique visits to each target content page of the site and the duration of those visits known as “stickiness”.

Content adds arrows to an attorneys quiverBlogs are an excellent tool for targeting very specific types of clients and cases, as well as unique geographies and local references.  Blogs do not need to be lengthy, and most are much longer than needed for the mission at hand.  The most critical element of blogging is consistency – 3 or more times each week.  Blogs count as unique and fresh content, increasing the value and performance of the associated website overall, while simultaneously standing alone as separate optimized pages of content from a search engine’s perspective.

The second objective is to convert more of those who are referred to you or find you while searching online.  Blogs, white papers and articles position you as a thought leader, increasing the visitor’s perception of your expertise and value.  These forms of content marketing allow the firm to drill down into a topic and deliver a concise value proposition that is highly relevant to the prospective client, while providing natural “calls to action” that lead them to e-mail or call the practice.

Content Marketing adds “arrows to your quiver” increasing the audience you can reach and the conversion of that audience once they are engaged.  Well constructed and optimized content marketing will measurably increase the credibility and visibility of your online strategy, and bring more opportunities to your law practice.  Effective content connects with those visitors as well as referrals and connects them into you personally and the value you can uniquely offer to that client.  The measure of effective content marketing is paying clients.  The signposts along the way are increased visits into your site, as well as more unique visits to individual priority practice area pages resulting in additional page views and increased time-on-site per visit.

Cost Effective and Proven Content Marketing Strategies for Lawyers and Law Practices

Experienced SEO Website Internet Marketing ConsultantRain Marketing + Consulting provides Content Marketing solutions by the page, in packaged quantities or on a custom basis.  You can purchase blogs on an individual basis, or in packages of 4, 8, 16 or “monthly”.  Website pages can be written individually or packaged as needed in units of 3 or 10 pages.  All other content related materials are priced on a project basis, allowing the maximum flexibility for the firm at a competitive rate.  There are no long term contracts.  Our results will speak for themselves.  If you are interested in increasing the effectiveness of your online strategy, or have questions about web content and marketing we invite you to contact our experienced legal web content writers, or call 760-579-1635.  We will work together to add arrows to your quiver, and make it rain for your practice.

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