Watchdog Independent Oversight of Existing Website Provider

“All My Vendor Wants to do is Sell Me More and Increase My Monthly Spend”

Hold Existing Vendors Accountable and Receive the Service You Pay ForWe don’t know how many times we’ve heard something like “the only time we hear from them is when it is time to renew the contract(s),” or “I can’t get anyone from that company to respond,” or “every time their consultant comes in they are trying to sell me something else, aren’t we spending enough already?” The past year has brought dramatic changes to the Google algorithm and many customers of national providers have suffered. Link building strategies that were once acceptable are now damaging your strategy’s credibility and performance. We spend as much time today removing and “disavowing” links as we do building new ones.  Corporate and local customer service has become strained.  What can you do about it?

Why isn’t your internet strategy working as well as it used to?

Put a Watchdog On The Task

It’s time to take control of your own internet marketing strategy and budget.  It’s time for you to gain clear insight into what is happening and maximize the value of every dollar you invest in new business development.  If you have multiple vendors, it is important that they are working together in concert to achieve maximum results for your firm.  Our experienced team will provide detailed monthly analysis into far more than your website metrics, we will monitor all areas of your internet strategy including:

How do you know what is needed, and what is wasting precious revenue?  Experience, expertise and measurement.  Pure and simple.  We will measure every aspect of your strategy and its performance.  We will work with you to hold your present vendor accountable for delivery of the products and services for which you are paying.  We will work to ensure that you genuinely do receive the maximum return for each dollar you invest, and that each dollar invested has a specific task and is achieving an identified objective.  Get off of the “hamster wheel”, and take control of your marketing and profitability.

How Do We Know What Our Website Company Is or Isn’t Doing?

Attorney Trapped on a WheelYou spend thousands of dollars a month to a national company or legal corporation to provide a variety of services around your internet strategy including:

  • Website Maintenance
  • Ongoing SEO
  • “Updates and Changes in the Google Algorithm”
  • Link Building and other Premium SEO Services
  • “Local” Optimization
  • Reputation Management
  • Blog Writing or Content Marketing
  • Online Chat

Many of these companies provide “insight” into your strategy using dashboards that show contacts off of your site, visits, referring domains and other metrics and analytics. Some are based in Google Analytics, while others use proprietary sources to collect their information. How do you know if you are receiving the full benefit for that substantial monthly investment? Who is watching them?

Independent “Watchdog” Vendor Analysis and Internet Strategy Performance Review

Experienced attorney marketing consultantsRain Marketing + Consulting, Inc. brings almost 10 years of experience in that corporate circle, and the experience and perspective to hold them accountable.  What are you paying for and are you receiving it?  How do you know?  The mantra of most of these companies is “return on investment or ROI”, and they ask you to continue to pay thousands of dollars each month with no end in sight, and without ever owning anything.  The “subscription model” may have required nothing down, but it is a monthly payment cycle that never ends.  And you can imagine what job #1 is at the vendor: preserve existing monthly spend at all costs.

This is the old yellow pages model coming back around to us yet again.  Break the cycle, and receive genuine value for what you are paying.  You won’t lose the revenue your site is generating or jeopardize the performance of your strategy by allowing another set of eyes to review all performance analytics and provide monthly plans of action to improve performance and conversion to paying customers.  You have an internet strategy for one primary reason:

To Make it Rain!

No Long Term Contract, Just Results

Our “Watchdog” consulting services are on a month-to-month basis, allowing you to see genuine and consistent value for your investment month in and month out.  We have consistently helped clients to substantially improve relationships with their existing vendors, cut unnecessary cost and maximize the value of what they receive for every dollar invested.  Contact experienced and street tested attorney online marketing consultants with more than 10 years experience or call today, 760-579-1635 to discuss your unique situation and how we can help.

“No Rain, No Gain”

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