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how do you market attorney lawyer law firmHow can we use the internet to attract the right clients for our firm?  Strategic online marketing via the internet allows us to be in front of the right person at the right time.  We are not limited by a the width of a page, or a 30 second time slot.  We are able to engage our prospective clients and meet them where they are, providing information that they are actively seeking.  We are provided with the opportunity to differentiate ourselves from competitors, while offering several immediate ways to connect with us and solve their problem.  We have a variety of tools at our disposal to attract, interact and ultimately convert potential clients at any hour of the day, and any day of the year.  We attract the right clients by clearly defining how we can help to solve their problem, why they should consider us, and what it will be like to do business with us.  It is not only an opportunity for us to put our best foot forward, but to connect with the type of clients with whom we will enjoy doing business.  Like attracts like.

How can we use the internet to attract the right clients for our firm?

The Short and Direct Answer:

target the right clients for the firmChoose a partner who has the experience – who has “been there, won that battle”.  Thoroughly understand where you stand today, the specific objective, the market(s) you wish to serve, the competition within that market as well as the nature and behavior of your target clients.  Take a measured step that reflects the size of the prize, the commitment timeframe and the investment you are comfortable making.  Select a partner that is engaged, that will be with you every step, not just sell you something, and see you when it’s time to renew or spend more.  Measure everything, at every step.  The most important and first measure: paying clients.

If that makes sense to you, then we invite you to open a conversation with usContact us or call 760-579-1635.  You’ll literally know in 15 minutes if this is on track, and right for you.  Your risk is a small moment in time.  The reward could be the successful and proven business partner you’ve been looking for, and the real objective of why you do what you do:  Rain.



The more substantive answer, or “How to Market a Law Practice – 101 Course” is …


What are the Elements of an Effective Online Legal Marketing Strategy?

There are many available online tools and strategies to help make it rain, including:

  • internet marketing strategy componentsThe Firm’s Website
  • SEO
  • Credibility / Visibility / Inbound Links
  • Legal and Commercial Directories
  • Local and Business Pages (Search Engines)
  • Your Blog
  • Mobile Websites and Apps
  • Content Marketing
  • Video
  • Social Media
  • Chat
  • Community, Educational and Professional Organization Sites
  • Pay-Per-Click or PPC (Search Engine Advertising)
  • Online Advertising

You and your office are bombarded daily with offers from every quarter to “get you on the first page of Google” or “optimize your website” or “guarantee visibility for X search” or “be one of three attorneys in your area to be listed in our exclusive…”

Google themselves have told the world, in essence, “if someone guarantees you a first page result for anything in Google, flee.”  [Source: Google’s own blog ( ) ]

How do you know what to pay attention to?  What should you invest your time and resources into, and which of the tools will accomplish the goal of making it rain while providing the highest return on investment?

The Objective Defines the Strategy

online legal market attorney lawyerOver the past 10 years, we have worked with virtually every conceivable size and type of lawyer or law firm, from solo attorneys to local offices of international law firms.  Painting with a broad brush, most conversations begin with one of the following questions:

How can I be a dominant force in this market?

We’ve had some success online, but we’ve also wasted a lot of time and money.  How can we build on where we are and increase our client base and profitability?

I’m just a solo attorney, and my budget is limited.  What can I do to make some money and get my practice moving forward?

The answers are obviously different for each objective.  We are often asked: “Isn’t there just some package, or group of things you have to have to market a law practice online?”  It might surprise you to learn that there are literally thousands of options available when constructing an online marketing strategy.  Our tactics are tested and proven, and generate rain.

There are a host of options out there.  Some might help.  Some may actually hurt your strategy, and most will waste your money and time in a game of “smoke and mirrors” that is difficult to understand and even more difficult to hold accountable.  How can you tell the difference?

The are too many factors to list here, but some of the primary influences in the development of a successful strategy include:

  1. The area(s) of law to be targeted
  2. The geographic market(s) to be served
  3. The existing competition within that online space
  4. The volume of opportunity within the targeted market
  5. Time
  6. Available Budget
  7. Resources and Skill Sets Within the Firm

Lion of the Legal Industry and his teamMany of our strongest clients have been well established attorneys.  They usually start the conversation with something along the lines of “I have all the business I need,” but there is an inherent flaw and opportunity for those select few.  One of our clients, we’ll call him “Bill”, started the conversation from that point of view.  A few minutes later, he candidly said “I no longer wish to work 60 to 80 hours per week, and I’m only going to take 3 or 4 cases each month.  Right now I’m forced to select those 3 to 4 cases out of a pool of maybe 6 to 9 opportunities.  I want you to bring me 15 to 20 genuine opportunities each month.  That will allow me to pick and choose the cases I work on from a broader group, and I can decide who I want to work with and which cases provide the greatest potential for income based on the time I’m willing to put in that month.  Can you do that?”

Yes. We can.  We can help build strategies from scratch.  We can help fine tune and augment an existing strategy.  We can build dominant attacks that challenge a marketplace.  We can help a partner in an international firm to make it rain for herself and for her department in the local office.  We can help the legal lions in their markets to elevate the quality of their practice to make more money in less time.  Where are you on that scale?  We can help lock in referrals.  What do you really want to accomplish?  When do you want to start?

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experienced legal online consultants10 years of focused expertise – a long proven track record of success in making it rain for solo attorneys and law firms.  “Direct, candid, honest.” (That’s what one of our clients recently said, and what they’ll tell you when you call).  Let’s begin a conversation.  Contact us or call 760-579-1635 today.  You’ll know within the first 15 minutes that you have the right expertise in front of you.  You will never have to endure a sales pitch.  We can make it rain for your practice, no matter where you are in your practice or your life.

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