SEO Audit for Your Domain Links Website Content and Competitors

SEO Audit: A Detailed Analysis of Your Present Strategy, Your Online Marketplace, and Your Competition

Existing Online Strategy for Attorney Lawyer Law FirmThe “e-Audit”, by Rain Marketing + Consulting, Inc. (often referred to as an SEO Audit) provides a detailed snapshot into your existing internet strategy at this moment in time.  We provide a thorough analysis of every important aspect of your existing tactics, including:

  • The domain(s) you have deployed (i.e.
  • Citations, Trust and Credibility
  • Quantity and Quality of Inbound links and the Credibility of Referring Domains
  • Website Design and Navigation
  • Existing SEO (what exactly is Search Engine Optimization?)
  • Content Structure (Original Relevant Content, Headers, Keywording, Duplicate Content Analysis)
  • Blogs
  • Social Media
  • Video
  • Your Online Market Competitive Analysis (Specific Geography as well as the Competitive “Noise” Within that Space)
  • Your Competition – Strong Competitors in Your Online Market and Those with Whom You Wish to Compete (and Dominate)

If you have experienced challenges getting traction in Google and the other search engines we will be able to show you why, and help you understand your next steps.  Our in-depth SEO Audit provides real substance for a discussion that educates you on the components of internet strategy and presents a transparent view into where you stand at this point.  It becomes the benchmark we will build upon, and serves as one measure of future activity and success.  The internet isn’t smoke and mirrors.  It is possible to know where you stand and monitor progress on all fronts.

The true measure of an internet strategy is simple: paying customers

The first step in any strategy is understanding where you are.

The e-audit helps us to clearly understand and document this.  It helps you to prioritize steps within your online marketing strategy, and illustrates which steps need to be taken next and why.  It places your online marketing strategy in clear light, perhaps for the first time.

Once You Know Where You Truly Are, You Can Plan Where You Choose to Go

Online Strategy for Lawyers and Law Firms AheadWhenever you plan a journey you must know at least two points: where you are beginning, and where you want to go.  Let’s find out where you are. The experienced legal internet marketing consultants at Rain Marketing + Consulting, Inc. will perform the e-Audit, and work with you to clearly understand where your strategy stands, existing strengths and weaknesses, and issues that may be keeping you from moving forward, to “Make It Rain”.  We promise candor, honesty and focus, not a corporate sales pitch.  E-mail proven attorney marketing consultants today or call (760) 579-1635 for a free initial consultation and to learn more about the “e-Audit” from Rain Marketing + Consulting.  Take an action that will help to make it rain for your practice.

“No Rain, No Gain!”

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